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Prezioso is the Espresso coffee for connoisseurs for its fine aroma, low acidity and chocolate aftertaste. A pure Arabica espresso with a full taste of Central-Southern American coffee, with an agreeable and balanced richness of aromas. Can be enjoyed throughout the day thanks to its low caffeine content.

Intenso is a blend of South American Arabica and Indian Robusta, characterised by a rich aroma thanks to the higher content of Arabica but yet very lively through the addition of Robusta, that ensures a round body and amore distinct tone and personality. This coffee with a full and velvety taste is ideal in the morning and after meals.

Cremoso is a cream coffee characterised by a medium body and a dense and compact cream on the surface. This is a 100% Arabica coffee blend. The full and rich aroma of pure Arabica from Central-South America is enhanced by the soft and velvety cream topping the coffee. The ideal blend for enjoying every pause for pleasure.

This is the international version of Italian espresso coffee with a lighter and more subtle body – perfect for people who prefers a slightly “longer” espresso coffee, perhaps even with a drop of cream or milk. Careful selection of the best sources of Arabica and Robusta ensures an harmonious and round taste for this blend. Excellent straight and perfectas the base for cappuccino or other coffee recipes.

Delicious cocoa-flavoured drink with an intense aroma and a desired taste.

Each pack consists of 10 single-dose capsules containing 11.5 grams of product

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