Fuse Beads


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Get creative with assorted Fuse beads. Use pegboards to arrange and design patterns. Then iron with a piece of ironing or wax paper to fuse beads together.

1800 Pcs Assorted Fuse Bead bucket with 1 Pegboard

3000 Pcs assorted Fuse Bead bucket with 3 Peg Boards

500 Pcs Assorted Fuse Beads

500 Pcs  Blue Assorted Fuse Beads

500 Pcs Black & White Fuse Beads

500 Pcs Assorted Neon Fuse Beads

500 Pcs Assorted Pastel Fuse Beads

500 Pcs Primary Fuse Beads

500 Pcs Assorted Purple Fuse Beads

Pegboards set of 4

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