About Us

South Africans are facing two major Economic challenges today:

  • A Rapid shrinking in formal employment.
  • South Africans have to compete with subsidised imports, creating an unequal playing field.

The positive to be taken from these hardships is that we have more and more Entrepreneurs coming to the fore, manufacturing the most amazing products. We have more people working from their kitchen, garage, small warehouse or some sort of business than we can imagine.

Business often fail when it comes to marketing their products.  It takes time and money often not available to the Entrepreneur, especially true for small or start up Business.

ProudHands is bridging this gap, by offering a WORLD CLASS ONLINE platform to all South African manufacturing, bringing ONLINE SALES to every business with no monthly fees.

By buying on this platform, you are directly supporting a Proud South African Business.  Enjoy the exceptional Products offered, and let us all be true South Africans supporting true South African products.