6 Pack Firelighters

Green Fire Eco-Firelighters

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Your 1 year supply of fireligters.  Each cube is enough to light your fire.  Each cube have the same burning power as 4 of your prime brand Paraffin based firelighters.  Consist of 5 big tubes each containng 8 cubes and 1 small tube containing 6 Cubes.  The small container is to keep in the Caravan or in your Car so that you are never out of Firelighters.  As the cubes have an unlimited shelf life it can be kept for years, and it is totally odourless. Now you do not need to go and wash your hands after you have lit the fire.

The cubes are non explosives.  It needs a flame to ignite.

A must for any Pizza oven.  You just cannot light your wood in a Pizza oven without this product.

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