Flying Yo-Yo / Diabolo / Chinese Yo-Yo

Flying Yo-Yo / Diabolo / Chinese Yo-Yo

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The Flying Yo-Yo is also know as the Diabolo or Chinese Yo-Yo, but we like Flying Yo-Yo and t we manufacture it from scratch here in South Africa.

This is a loose spinning Giant Yo-Yo that spin on top of a string attached to two handles being manipulated by the player . The player can throw the Yo-Yo into the air and catch it on the string, hundreds of tricks are possible with this game and juggling with two or more spinning yo-yo's is also possible later on when proficiency has been achieved. This is a fun-tastic game for kids from 6 years and older to develop all their physical skills (gross motor skills, hand and eye coordination, upper body strength, balance and bi-lateral integration/ crossing of the midline skills)  While playing, the child is learning physical skills because of repetitive movements that leads to muscle memory BUT that is not all, this game also develop life skills, it develops concentration and perseverance.

To play this game and to learn new tricks takes concentration, effort and some patience, qualities that are so important later in life. Kids learn that ''EFORT=RESULTS '' because every time they want to do another funky trick they have to concentrate and keep on trying until they have mastered it.

Learning to play this game can help to equipped your child with good skills ( physical, mental and emotional), all of this while having fun and being physical.

Grown-ups like to have a go as well, everyone love trying it out and it is much easier to master than you think, our game comes with an instructional and trick Dvd where coach PJ show you how to control the Yo-Yo and then how to do 40 funky tricks!

Our Flying yo is made of extremely durable Polyethylene (SASOL plastic) and can be dropped on cement or stones from a height of four stories repeatedly without breaking, it is made to fall and survive, we are so sure of this, that we do provide a 6 month warrantee on parts of the spinning yo-yo that gets damaged in any way.

This product is made 100% in South Africa using SA resources and labor.



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