Ford Ranger D/CAB - 2011-Present - 2 Front Seats with Airbags; Rear Bench Seat

Stonehill Manufacturing

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Ford Ranger D/CAB - 2 Front Seats with Airbags; Rear Bench Seat 

Stone Hill canvas covers are made from 100% natural cotton. The heavy weight cotton canvas covers are recommended for their durability, cool comfort and breathable quality. Breathability means that the canvas covers will not cause sweating and will remain fresh and odour free.

The material is long lasting and treated to prevent stains, water and oil marks and keep uv rays and dust at bay. Stone Hill prides itself on the quality of its craftsmanship and manufacturing.

Stone Hill offers these superior quality products at very competitive prices.

Colors available: Khaki, Chocolate Brown, Black, Blue Grey and Charcoal Grey

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